The Chocolate Cult: Happy National Bundt Cake Day 2018!

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Happy National Bundt Cake Day 2018!

Today is National Bundt Cake Day and this provides a good opportunity for me to reveal some of the results of testing I did on a cookbook throughout this year. The recipe I tried comes from the "Great Grilling" chapter of the cookbook.  The chocolate recipes are not numerous in this book, I counted 13 in total but I tried to pick recipes that I thought my family would like, that required only minor adjustments for our personal tastes and allergies, and that would be a good test of a few different chapters in the book. I received free this book, Sunday Suppers: Simple, Delicious Menus for Family Gatherings, as well as some of the ingredients I used from their brands or via the Amazon Vine program where I am a reviewer. No other form of compensation was received for this extra post or the originals talking about these products. Ingredients sent to me for free are marked with an * below.

The recipe I tested that had chocolate is "Chocolate Buttermilk Pound Cake" and I've never made a pound cake from scratch before but I did have a bundt pan so that is a big reason I picked this to test. You can find it on page 87 and here's a shot of what it looks like in the book. It is only a one page recipe and to be honest I found the directions difficult to sort though. They are written in a paragraph form even though there are multiple steps you need to make this. It takes quite some time but had the recipe been written more clearly, in a step-by-step way, I think I could have saved a bit of time.

In terms of substitutions, I used 62% not a 60% chocolate chips; I had slightly higher one on hand. I used a low fat buttermilk not a whole one simply because I have to think of my family's and tester's health. Instead of espresso I used peppermint for taste reasons. I used the *EnjoyLife Foods Semi-Sweet mini chocolate chips. Of course I did use whole wheat flour but I also used cane sugar instead of my normal *Splenda substitutions. Here's a little collage I made to share on Instagram the day I was baking this cake. I was trying to get folks to comment on what I might be making. If you'd like to follow what we are doing, check out my Instagram account. Warning: You will also find information about other types of products I review, my books, my adult coloring projects, and some personal stuff on there as well.

The cake itself turned out well. It came out of the bundt pan in one smooth turn out.

The glazing was a bit of a challenge, particularly the buttermilk glaze but I think it is okay not but great looking.

Of course the true test of any baked good is how it tastes and this made me and my family and our friends who tried it very happy. Moist but not too much, very chocolatey, good texture. It didn't last very long!

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