The Chocolate Cult: Is it the Simple Truth that Organic Makes Delicious?

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Is it the Simple Truth that Organic Makes Delicious?

I did a recent testing of more products from Kroger via the MyMagazine Sharing Network. I got a coupon to try out the Simple Truth ice cream I'll be talking about some but the #freesample I got were of Simple Truth Organic Classic Thin and Crispy Vegan Pizza Crusts and a coupon for a free bottle of Simple Truth Pizza Sauce along with more coupons, some of which I passed on to friends. I'll show you the pizza later but here's what you really want to see, Simple Truth Organic Chocolate Ice Cream Pint. This photo is 1/2 of that pint scooped out, 3 servings per pint is what the nutritional value says which is more realistic than the standard 4 servings per pint I normally see. The label also showed the nutritional values for the entire pint. Be honest, a lot of us would just eat the entire container, right? How did it taste? It was only mildly chocolate flavored, a problem for many frozen treats, but it was as good as other brands, not sure I'd spend the extra cash for a pint of this unless it was on sale.

Let's look at the pizzas I made using the other coupons and the two free samples from MyMagazine Sharing Network. On the left is a mostly non-organic pepperoni and on the right is the fully organic pizza made only with ingredients from Simple Truth.

My one big criticism of the crust is that it didn't get crispy at all even though I followed the directions for the temperature and the time to bake the pizzas. The taste was fine and the taste was fine for all the other ingredients I used.

However, you need to know that making these two pizzas, even using some ingredients I had on hand for the pepperoni one, these pizzas were expensive. Most of the ingredients were not on sale at my local Kroger so the coupons didn't do much to curb the cost. Honestly I could have ordered two larger pizzas that were organic from a local pizza place.

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