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Saturday, December 8, 2018

Make Some Party-Fetti Friends

I've tried Sweetlings crafting kits in the past and here is another one: Alex DIY Sweetlings Party-Fetti Friends. In this kit you make four little cakes using the Alex "frosting" that cements everything together. I used extra decorations and leftover adhesive from other Alex DIY Sweetlings kits as well as my own supply of crafting materials to make these unique but you can just use what is the kit to make four cakes. I received this kit for free through the Amazon Vine program in exchange for a fair and honest review on their website; this article is an unexpected bonus for them and Alex. No other form of compensation was received.

Lay out newspaper, parchment paper, or wax paper on your table before you begin to make these. Trust me, the "frosting" is a good adhesive so you don't want to get that on your tabletops. The directions are in a small booklet that is a challenge to read but having worked with two previous kits of this type I'm confident about what to do. Lay out all of the materials in categories. I'm not a fan of the fake eyes for these things, I prefer my Sweetlings to look more like desserts and less like critters. Let's look at what is in the kit.

This "background" came bent in the box which made it next to unusable for me. Honestly I don't want the display backgrounds and pieces in most of these kits because they take up extra room but for a while your kids might like them as added decoration even if you don't.

These tubes are the "frosting" the adhesive that holds the various pieces from the kits together as well as function as decoration themselves. They work exactly as frosting does in terms of applying it. They dry fairly quickly so have a plan in mind when you start to use them. If you close them up tight, you can save them and use them in the future. These are NOT edible.

These are the bases shaped like cake slices that you stack one on top of another. The ones with the flares at the bottom are the base pieces. There are 3 chocolatey colors, 3 yellow colors, and 2 beige colors. You combine them to make 4 cakes and since we are The Chocolate Cult I made 3 "cakes" with chocolatey layers. The tweezers I find to be next door to useless so I tend to get out my metal tweezers for most items I want to place onto the "frosting" though larger decorations I'll apply by hand.

Finally we have the decorations and "plates". The decorations are rubbery buttons that lay flat. As I said earlier, I'm not a fan of the eyes for most of these but some of the other items like dots of "fruit" is okay to use if you lay them flat. Setting them upright reveals the fakeness of them when you turn the slices around and I try to make these useable from any direction.

After a couple of hours I created these little "cakes." What do you think?

Party-Fetti Friends
The Alex DIY Sweetlings Party-Fetti Friends is a cute gift for the kid or adult in your life who wants to craft but thinks that they can't. This is a good balance between direction and freeform and if you like it, you can save materials from each kit to use as you continue to collect and make with them. I hope this is a sweet little idea for your gifts.

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