Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Make Yummy Sweetlings Cutie Cakes Dolls

Still looking for a  gift for the wouldbe crafter in your life who has yet to have confidence in their skills or art? Have a doll lover in your life you still need a gift idea for? Do your loved ones like yummy treats or decorations? This ALEX DIY Sweetlings Cutie Cakes might be the kit you are looking for this holiday season. This is the 4th Alex kit I've tested and reviewed for you all so I have some knowledge about how they work and how you can get the best from them. These are not just gifts for the holidays but for birthdays and depending on your economic class might be good for parties, too. I received this kit for free from the Amazon Vine program in exchange for a fair and honest review on their website; this article is a bonus. No other form of compensation was received.

This is different final product from the other kits I've tried from Alex DIY where the results were more dessert like in nature ranging from jewelry with a food theme to toy piece of cake or cupcake critters. The two pieces here are dolls and since I'm a doll collector the idea of making a doll for my collection was appealing personally. Before I show you want I created let me show you what comes in the kit.

For such a big box there isn't a lot inside of it. Above is the dress bases and the doll inserts with heads, torsos, and arms. Beads and sprinkles, a not very good plastic tweezer and plastic peel off decorations.

Then the "frosting" the adhesive material that you build up the dress and the hair for each doll with. This material is non edible and it is sticky so many sure you put something on your table top to protect it; I like parchment paper myself. Given the size of tubes it is clear that the bulk of each dress should be pink or blue with highlights in purple or white. If you keep the cap on it you can reuse the "frosting" i future projects even on wood!

These are my final dolls. What do you think?

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