The Chocolate Cult: Peanut Butter Cup Showdown: Justin's vs Newman's Own

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Peanut Butter Cup Showdown: Justin's vs Newman's Own

We'll go back to the dark chocolate version of Justin's peanut butter cups and compare them today to the Newman's Own version. Both ae organic, both dark chocolate. The Justin's was a gift from a reader, the Newman's I found in my local co-op grocery store.

The Newman's are much smaller around but not thinner when we look at them. In this photo you can see the difference clearly.

The inside of the Newman's is very light compared to the Justin's and you an see the size difference again. The darkness of the chocolate is very similar but the Justin's has a more intense dark chocolate fragrance when I took a whiff of each. The Justin's is has a creamy roasted peanut butter flavor and the dark chocolate builds up with each chew to become a bit bitter by the end. The Newman's peanut butter filling is sweeter and the chocolate is more of a constant flavor. Side by side, the Newman's is a bit too sweet for me.

Which of these do you prefer? Leave a comment and let me know please.


Cindy said...

I've tried them both also, and prefer Justin's. The chocolate has more depth, IMHO, and the peanut butter isn't too sweet.

The Chocolate Priestess said...

Sounds like we have similar flavor preferences on this showdown, Cindy. Thanks for reading and commenting. I'd love to see your opinions on our other peanut butter cup showdowns past and future.

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