Saturday, January 12, 2019

Can Premier Nutrition Get a Protein Shake Chocolatey Enough?

Premier Protein Shakes, Chocolate
I've been trying out protein bars for some time now. I've also hand protein shakes but I'm sent fewer of those to test out for all you Chocolate Lovers because of shipping concerns with a lot of beverages. One big problem I've had with a lot of these products I'm asked to review is that the whey and plant additives they use to up the protein often has a flavor that overpowers the cocoa powder they've used. Or those products add in artificial sweeteners or just plain sugars and the sweetness overwhelms. Anything that claims to be chocolate needs to taste like chocolate first and foremost, don't you agree? Today let's see if Premier Nutrition's Chocolate Shake can do better in terms of taste and nutrition.  I received the 14 FL OZ 12-pack of this product from Premier Nutrition via the Amazon Vine program in exchange for a fair and honest review on the website; no other form of compensation was received. This article is a bonus to them to help you make an informed decision about the product.

They really want to keep the beverage inside the bottle safe. There are two safety seals on each one. First, a red wrapper that I found easy to peel once I found the V-shaped perforated section. Under the cap was the second seal in with three tabs that were easy to lift up to help me peel off that one. When I opened it the liquid inside was very frothy because I had shaken the bottle well as per directions on its label and set it aside for a while so I was a bit surprised at many bubbles it still had. Also the bottle is pretty full so I didn't hear much movement of liquid when I shook it. In terms of nutritional values, aside from the ones I mentioned in the opening paragraph, here is what else there is each bottle. The cocoa powder inside is the 4th ingredient on the list; it is processed with alkali. Then there are 13 other ingredients, most of them chemical names. Then there is a list of vitamins and minerals whose daily percentage is listed on the nutritional label. It is on that label that we also find that each bottle should have 3g of dietary fiber, 560mg potassium, 410mg sodium, 20mg cholesterol, 1g saturated fat.

Premier Protein Shake, Chocolate Poured
I chilled a bottle of this shake as the directions suggested so I could drink it cold. Unless it is hot cocoa or hot chocolate, I like my chocolate drinks cold ideally. The shake isn't quit as dark as the image on the label suggests it will be. It had a strong sweet scent with an underlining cocoa fragrance, too. The flavor is sweet as well with that unmistakable whey flavor but the cocoa did come through just not as much as I had hoped. The shake was smooth not gritty as many protein drinks can be. It wasn't thick like a milk shake but it also wasn't as thin as chocolate milk would be.

This product is okay but for me just too sweet and too much of a whey flavor to compete well in terms of chocolate. But if you'd like to check it out, please follow our links and help support this blog as you do so.


Lisa said...

I haven't found a chocolate protein drink yet where the chocolate flavor was stronger than they whey/protein. I think the chocolate protein bars do a better job.

TammyJo Eckhart said...

It is a struggle to find it for sure and with my hubby's oral surgeries requiring him to be liquid diets it has been particularly important to me the past two years. Thanks for commenting, Lisa!

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