The Chocolate Cult: Celebrate National Sticky Bun Day 2019

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Celebrate National Sticky Bun Day 2019

Rhodes Caramel Rolls/Sticky Buns
National Sticky Bun Day isn't until February 21st but this is our closest Saturday Sacrament before then so I want to give some of you a chance to check out this semi-homemade recipe in case you want to add a little chocolate to the fun food holiday. I grew up with Rhodes Bread products and we've featured different types of their cinnamon rolls in the past here on The Chocolate Cult. Last year I connected with Rhodes Bread and they sent me several coupons for free products. The challenge was that the stores near me didn't have many varieties of of Rhodes' products. What to do? I searched around using their website but no where within an hour or two could I find other products. Back in early May 2018, we needed to go back to my hometown to help my Daddy celebrate a major birthday. On the outside chance, I checked the Rhodes' website again and yes, the grocery store in my childhood hometown carried a lot of different products from Rhodes. But how to get them and then get them home safely? We brought a cooler, a sister let me store it in her freezer until we were ready to go, and then I just prayed the two different products would make it home safely. They did! Today, I'm sharing how I added some chocolate to one of them. Rhodes Bread sent me the coupons for a free product in exchange for me testing them out and writing an honest and fair article about them here on this blog; no other form of compensation was received.

These are frozen products and you need to keep them frozen until you are ready to use them. The nutritional information is on the label which is the paper cover. The entire product is also wrapped in plastic. Under the label are the directions on how to prepare them. These are not a treat to have every day. Most doctors probably wouldn't recommend having them every week but for a once or twice a year treat, why not? Especially if you aren't eating them all yourself. Of course, adding chocolate increases the calories and fats but also the fun if you love chocolate.

Rhodes Caramel Rolls and Caramel Packet frozen
Making these treat is easy. Follow the directions on the flip side of the cover. I squeezed out the caramel but didn't spread it around quite yet.

Then I melted 1/2 bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips in the microwave and spooned that on top of the caramel. It spread just a little bit.

Then you bake them as directed. This is what they look like after about 15 minutes out of the oven.

How did they taste? Amazing! The caramel was tangy and intense, the rolls puffed up as you can see, and the chocolate added an interesting added flavor where it covered or mixed into the roll. If you eat it with your fingers, it is sticky.

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