Saturday, March 9, 2019

Michel Cluizel Baking Chips Test 2

A few weeks back, I told you that The Chocolate Cult was contacted by the folks at Chocolat Michel Cluizel about some of their new products. We said "yes" to continued relationship with them where we honestly test out their products and share our findings with you, our readers from around the world. I made the same recipe for these darker baking chips that I did with the 51% baking chips so the only difference in flavor should reflect differences in the chips. Sometimes weather, particularly humidity can factor into baking but other than it being about 10 degrees Fahrenheit cooler, the weather was the same and in my kitchen not much would have changed. The 70% chips that are a brand new product now yet available on their website but it is basically this Plantation Riachuelo bar in baking chip form! I was sent the chips for free in exchange for a fair and honest article here on this blog; no other form of compensation was received.

Let's start off with the chips themselves. I had one solo and it did taste quite different from the 51% -- obviously darker but also there was a pepper-like essence to it as well that gives it a kick. Remember, both chips are from the same farmer in Brazil so this is a good example of how degree of cacao in a chip impacts flavor a lot.

The cookies looked very similar to the previous ones, maybe you can see slightly darker chips. The chips seemed more melty than the lower cacao percentage ones did and that makes sense because I've always found that daker chocolate melts more easily in my fingers.

How did these chips impact the flavor of the cookies? For the better! The darker chocolate cut through the sweetness, brought out the salt a bit more (in fact you could cut down a touch on the salt), and that pepperiness that I mentioned in this baking chips also came through.

For this recipe, I say go for the 70% chips from Michel Cluizel cause they have earned their Sacrament Status.

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