The Chocolate Cult: Celebrate National Truffle Day

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Celebrate National Truffle Day

Thursday, May 2, 2019, will be National Truffle Day!

Bloomington Chocolate Company Truffles 4

To help the folks in my current hometown get ready, I'm bringing you a look at four of the regular truffles you could buy today at the Bloomington Chocolate Company in Bloomington, Indiana. I got these four truffles for free because I participated in 3 charity supporting event during our city's Week of Chocolate (which actually lasts two weeks, name change needed, am I right?). One of the things I love about Bloomington Chocolate Company is that not only can you learn their flavors by colors and shapes but that the little recyclable cups they come in are also different colors. Didn't that look adorable in the 4-piece box above?

I'll start with the Strawberry that uses milk chocolate. It was National Strawberry Day when I originally got these (yes, I tested this out that day) but I waited to share the experience with you all until today. This looks like a strawberry and has a light strawberry scent to the creamy chocolate fragrance. This basically bite-sized so I pop it into my mouth. Immediately I get the creamy milk chocolate, not too sweet, then a burst of cream and strawberry, again not too sweet. The strawberry builds in intensity until the milk chocolate returns to be the final flavor on my tongue. Delicious!

Then I tried the Mint Chocolate that has a deep dark but sparkly green stripe over the top but it also isn't flat which I don't know that you can see well in this photo. It has a strong mint and chocolate fragrance. The first flavor is a creamy chocolate but the inside is a soft white mint with a cooling sensation. The mint also intensifies over the seconds until it becomes the dominant flavor. I think if the shell of dark chocolate were thicker and there was a touch less mint I'd like this much better.

Next the Cookies and Cream cookie Truffle that looks like a mountain, doesn't it? The crumble of chocolate cookies went everywhere when I lifted this from the paper wrapper. This looks like white chocolate on top of dark chocolate with  chocolate cookie crumbs over each. The outside shell is softer than I thought it would be so I'm able to bite into it easily. My mouth is flooded with dark chocolate and cocoa powder flavor because inside is a dark truffle center that melts almost immediately upon contact with my tongue. The white chocolate and adds a creamy sweetness and the cookie crumbs an extra texture to explore. This is my favorite so far of the four but there is one more to try out.

Finally the Turtle Cookie Truffle which is shaped a lot like the other cookie truffle. This has a sweet scent to the dark chocolate fragrance when I breath in the piece before taking a bite.. The shell breaks easily when I bite it in half and inside is a soft, creamy caramel center that builds up in tanginess not sweetness making it more buttery in the end; I love that! It blends pretty well with the dark chocolate but like with the mint, I want more chocolate less other flavors. There are nuts on the top of this but the shop own switched gloves before touching anything else without my asking. That's caring customer service, folks, and should be rewarded!

Remember -- May 2nd is National Truffle Day so get ready now to celebrate!

If you live in or near Bloomington, Indiana, go check out the truffles at Bloomington Chocolate Company which is located inside The Olive Leaf at 879 S. College Mall Road.

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