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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Favorite Frosting?

Today is National Frosting Day!

What is your favorite type of frosting?

Homemade or store bought? If pre-made, is there a particular brand you prefer? Leave a comment and let me know.

I just learned about this fun food holiday recently after I got the Wilton Green Icing Pouch with Decorating Tips, Multipack of 3 to review. I used it for mint chocolate chip brownies for Saint Patrick's Day.

The green is more intense and darker than I expected from the images on the pouches but frankly I'm fine with that. The pouches were very easy to squeeze but I notice that the frosting started to get liquidly within a half hour of opening up the lid because then the attached tips are exposed and the frosting inside is exposed. The temps were low as was humidity so this was disappointing.

The two tips each pouch comes with are hidden, one inside the other. The outer one is a basic round tip and the star tip is underneath it when you twist it off. The single two-sided paper included with the set did not say where the star tip was hidden so I just found it by checking out how easy it was to remove the round tip.

I'd agree that the frosting flavor is indeed vanilla. Luckily the food dye didn't that affect the taste which has been a problem with both Wilton dyes and fondants I've tried in the past two years.

I first tried these frosting pouches out on Mint Chocolate Chip Brownies. That's when I learned the frosting will start melting so you need to use it soon after opening.

I received a free Wilton Green Icing Pouch with Decorating Tips, Multipack of 3 via Amazon Vine program in exchange for a fair and honest review on that website; this product review is a bonus for them. No other forms of compensation were received.


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