The Chocolate Cult: Am I Risking My Life on CLIF BAR?

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Am I Risking My Life on CLIF BAR?

I'd seen CLIF bars in my local grocery store, my local co-op, and various natural food shops. But we haven't covered them yet here on The Chocolate Cult in terms of a review or feature article. We have shared news about them multiple times because they have been involved in several safety recalls in 2012, 2014, 2016, and 2017. When I could get one of the Nut Butter Filled bars via the Kroger Friday Freebie program I hesitated. Would I be risking my health if I got one and shared my experience with you all? Was that risk worth it? By the time the freebie was offered it had only been 3 months since their last recall. I justified getting one and doing this review because this type of bar had not be recalled... yet. I pray it won't be. But here I am, taking the risk and sharing it with you all. So here I go, let's look at the CLIF BAR Organic Chocolate Peanut Butter Nut Butter Filled bar.

The bar itself is thick and has a very no-bake bar look to it with visible cocoa and grains. It has a sweet scent with a slight cocoa fragrance.

Inside it has thick but creamy peanut butter filling as promised. The sweet scent increases and is joined by roasted peanut but this masks the cocoa I got before I broke the bar in half. The bar is easy to bite into yet it makes very soft crunchy sounds when I chew. The flavor is sweet though not as strong as I thought it might be from the smell. The peanut butter was very creamy and it got more roasted in flavor with each bite. The chocolate was the final flavor, a cocoa that I get when I make a no-bake bar or cookie at home. That was a nice surprise because I was worried I would never get to the chocolate, out most important consideration here on this blog!

The next 48 hours I made extra attention to my body. Did I have a negative reaction? Nope! Not at all! Excellent news because this was one of the best CLIF products I've tried.

What about you? Have you tried CLIF BAR Nut Butter Filled bars?

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