The Chocolate Cult: Belly Full of Peanut Butter Chocolate Dipped Cookies

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Belly Full of Peanut Butter Chocolate Dipped Cookies

June 12th will be National Peanut Butter Cookie Day but not everyone wants to make peanut butter cookies in June if you live in the Northern Hemisphere. I don't want to heat up our house. There are many options for buying peanut butter cookies -- homestyle or sandwich style. But if you are looking for semi-homemade recipe that you could make with only two basic products you could find in many grocery stores you have come to the right place. How about these chocolate melt dipped peanut butter cookies? I got these Happy Belly Peanut Butter Sandwich Cremes from the Amazon Vine Program for free in exchange for a review on their website; this article is a bonus for them and you all reading it. No other form of compensation was received.

The cookies on their own has a strong roasted peanut butter scent from the moment I cut open the bag. The flavor is also very roasted and strong, it reminded us of Nutter Butters (someone in my family loves that brand of cookie). They are of average size about 1.5 inches across and 0.5 inches thick. The cookies have misaligned peanut designs on the but for this "recipe" it doesn't really matter because we covered them with light cocoa Wilton candy melts (that I received free in 2018).

If you overheat the candy melts you'll need to add a tablespoon of coconut butter to make the candy melts thinner or dipping the cookies will be difficult. How much you'll need depends on how thin you like your dipping sauce. I used metal tongs to dip mine because they hold onto the cookies well without removing much of the chocolate candy melt.  Basically place a cookie in the melt, turn it over a few times, shake it off, and then place it on waxed paper.

These were a nice way to switch-up basic cookies and make them a touch fancier for guests or family. Plus it was relatively easy to do if time consuming.

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