Saturday, July 20, 2019

Another Prescription for Chocolate

This is the third RXBAR we've covered here on The Chocolate Cult. As with the previous flavors, this variety was a freebie via my Kroger loyalty card. At 220 calories The Chocolate Chip RXBAR packs a good chunk of a breakfast or snack into one bar so let's find out if it is worth your time, body, and money.  As you can see the basics about the bar are right on the front label -- egg whites, almonds, cashews, and dates.

If we look to the back label we can see where the 220 calories come from. There are no added sugars but the chocolate (which would have added sugar by the way) and the dates definitely make up the 13 grams of sugar in the bar. There are also 10g fats, 5g fiber, and 12g protein. Above the folded up section are the ingredients which include those on the front label but also "Chocolate," "Natural Flavors," and "Sea Salt" in that order.

The primarily scent is the dates, in fact the dates are a bit overwhelming in terms of what I can smell even after having the bar out of the wrapper for 20 minutes. You can see the nuts and the pieces of chocolate in the bar but nuts outnumber chocolate. I wonder if I'll be able to taste the chocolate at all under the dates, egg whites, and tree nuts. I bite into a section where I see a few pieces of chocolate first but the dates and the nuts are really the only flavors I get as I chew. A second bite proves to be the same -- sticky, chewy, crunchy but overwhelmingly nutty and datey. I only get the chocolate a all when I encounter a larger piece which isn't often. This bar isn't bad tasting but I wouldn't know it was chocolate chip if the label had not told me so it is disappointing. Our first big disappointment from RXBAR.

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