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Saturday, July 13, 2019

Chocolate Kick in the Mouth

We cover all types of products here on The Chocolate Cult from pure chocolate and food or drinks with chocolate to cosmetics and paper. We've looked at "medications" or mood altering products as well though I believe that for some of us, your Chocolate Priestess included, pure darker chocolate is by its very nature mood and mind altering. Today we're going to look at AWAKE Caffeinated Chocolate squares. I was sent these via the Amazon Vine program for free from the brand AWAKE Corporation in exchange for a review on Amazon, this article is an unexpected bonus; no other form of compensation was received for this honest sharing of my experience with the product.

This comes in a huge box of 50 pieces. On the top, the image marked "actual size" was really the size of the pieces. Yes, each piece claims to have 1/2 of a cup or 50mg of caffeine in them. Below the nutritional label in smaller print,we are told that Usage: 4 piece per day maximum. For me, who does not use caffeine outside of chocolate, even one piece is a lot. For comparison, when I looked up details, the average caffeine reported for chocolate varies by the amount of dark chocolate and the brand recipe but here caffeine is listed on the nutrition facts so we know it must be lower. The average I found was in the lower teens mg for the same amount of chocolate. 1/2 of of these gave me an immediate caffeine reaction in my vision, feeling of energy, and feeling in my head.

The pieces are cute, aren't they? The is adorable while on the box it seemed a bit angry; color makes a bit difference. It is thick and makes a loud crunch when I take a bite and a softer sound with the first 2-4 chews. The chocolate isn't bitter, it is actually creamier than I was expecting but as I chewed the darker chocolate flavor built up. Overall a rather average chocolate flavor, not bad, not great, just good. I could see someone  handing it out at a break for volunteers or at the workplace but I'd be worried about just setting it out in a bowl or breakroom for folks to take because of the caffeine involved.

Tell me, Reader. Would you try this product? Would you use it to replace a coffee break or to add an energy bump to your day.

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