The Chocolate Cult: Ice Cream and More in July 2019

Monday, July 1, 2019

Ice Cream and More in July 2019

July is National Ice Cream Month but there are many other chocolate related fun food holidays you can share with chocolate this month, too.

July 1 = Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day -- What is the strangest yet yummiest ice cream you've ever had?

July 3 = National Chocolate Wafer Day

July 5 = National Graham Cracker Day -- There are chocolate flavored graham crackers!

July 7 = Chocolate Day

July 8 = National Chocolate with Almonds Day -- I'm not a huge almond fan but I don't hate them. We have covered them a lot on this blog so check those posts out here.

July 9 = National Sugar Cookie Day

July 12 = National Pecan Pie Day  -- Better with chocolate!

July 14 = Bastille Day -- Why not celebrate with some wonderful French Chocolate? Any chocolatiers out there make a chocolate guillotine?

Third Sunday in July = National Ice Cream Day -- We'll be looking at the new line from Ben & Jerry's the day before so you can see if you might to celebrate and save some calories at the same time.

July 21 = National Junk Food Day -- I don't believe that chocolate is junk food but if you are eating chocolatey candy that is junk food.

July 25 = National Hot Fudge Sundae Day

July 28 = National Milk Chocolate Day -- We've looks at a lot of milk chocolate here on this blog.

July 30 = National Cheesecake Day -- Better with chocolate!

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