The Chocolate Cult: Summer 2019 Chocolate Finds Part I

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Summer 2019 Chocolate Finds Part I

We spent a week traveling to visit relatives at the end of June, 2019, and during the trip I did find some chocolate goodies to share with you all. Enjoy!

Gateway Arch National Park in St. Louis, Missouri, has a tourist shop, The Arch Store, with a candy and fudge store inside. We had some walking still to do outside so I didn't buy anything this time.

Finally timed things right to check out Kruta Bakery in Collinsville, Illinois this time. Asked for their most chocolatey thing and got their Fudgies. These are basically a moist chocolate mound dipped into chocolate.

Frozen custard is the thing in southern Illinois apparently so we returned to one place I'd shared a few years back but also stopped at Annie's in Edwardsville. I got a chocolate custard with oreos and hubby got vanilla with chocolate chip cookie dough.

Also in Edwardsville found a Jilly's Cupcake Bar and Cafe. They sell out fast our aunt told us but they still had a mini collection with 5 of the 6 including chocolate so I call that a win.

Found a fine chocolate shop in Hannibal, Missouri, that is a branch of a Des Moines, Iowa company I didn't know about, Chocolaterie Stam. Below you see a dark chocolate moon, two dark chocolate truffles, and one milk chocolate truffle.

In my old hometown, there had been a coffee/bakehouse for a while but again timing was never right until this trip. Check out some goodies from Fifth Street Koffee Haus in Vinton, Iowa. White chocolate blueberry scone and oreo brownie in the photo.

Next time we head back out that way, we'll keep our eyes open for more places we just couldn't get to this time around.

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