Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Chocolate in Pittsburgh

When you think Pittsburgh, do you think chocolate? Maybe not but I found six shops that sold candy and chocolate plus a fair several of small makers at a farmer's market in the city when I visited on Thursday, September 5, 2019. I reviewed on, The MilkShake Factory last week so today I'm going to reveal the other chocolatey stops I found in and near the Cultural district. I walked to all of these and I'm going to show them in the order that we found them. You may notice that we trekked a bit back and forth depending on when the shops opened.

Our first night we just wanted to get some dinner and then walk along the North Shore for a while. The night manager at the Holiday Inn recommended Burgatory and we found it. It had awesome milkshakes as you can see in this Nutella Crunch that I got.

The hotel we stayed in Pittsburgh was the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Pittsburgh North Shore. There was a chocolatey donut each morning at breakfast time. The photo below shows the most chocolatey one, the chocolate cake donut with a clear glaze but the second morning before we checked out there was a vanilla cake donut with chocolate glaze and mini chocolate chips, too.

We had a full day planned to explore the area around our hotel and across the river. The weather was very nice for it. While on our way to find one shop, we found another, Katie's Kandy inside Fifth Ave Place. They specialize in nostalgic candy but also have gourmet candies, too. I found dark chocolate versions I had not yet seen of three candy bars -- Crunch Dark, Twix Dark, and Dark Chocolate Mallow Cup.

Then we found the St. Moritz chocolate shop inside of Cynthias's Cards and Gifts at One Oxford Centre. They didn't seem to have a specialty but I noticed they had milk or dark chocolate covered nuts of almost every nut variety I could imagine so I got dark chocolate walnuts.

Then we found Sinful Sweets on Liberty Avenue which specialize in cupcakes and edible cookie dough. We couldn't safely transport cupcakes around so I got the Brownie Batter variety of cookie dough in a tub.

Just two doors down was The Pittsburgh Popcorn Company that my partner wanted to check out. They had two chocolatey flavors but I got the Chocolate Caramel to try out.

Then we found the Market Square Farmers Market nearby where we had lunch. Inside I found four little shops that sold either chocolatey baked goods or fudge!

I know I missed a ton of chocolate so leave comments and let me know about your favorite places to enjoy chocolate in Pittsburgh. If you are a chocolate, candy, or bakery in Pittsburgh and want to get a feature article for our worldwide readers to learn about your creations, contact me and we'll make that work.

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