The Chocolate Cult: Remembering the Walrus with Chocolate

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Remembering the Walrus with Chocolate

cocoa k'choo bars
I was not yet born when the Beatles released "I Am the Walrus" in November 1967 but I remember hearing it growing up. The song and covers of it can still be heard on radios and streaming services today so most people regardless of their age should be aware of it. I'm not sure if this new-to-us brand of candy, Cocoa K'Choo is playing off of that pop song but their name certainly made me think of it. The packaging of the bars even reminds of me of the late 1960s -- bold colors and geometric shapes. So on the last day of November, in honor of the Beatles, let's look at two flavors of candy bars that this brand has recently released. I was sent free bars of both flavors of these treats via the Vine Program on Amazon for me to review them on that website; this feature article on The Chocolate Cult is an unexpected bonus. No other form of competition was received for my and our Coconut Acolyte's honest sharing of our experiences using this product.

The Dark and Dream Truffle Bar is in a purple and black theme package. It has milk, soy, and coconut oil in terms of potential allergens. Two squares (1/4th of the bar) is a single serving with 160 calories. The very first ingredient is sugar so this is more candy bar than chocolate bar. While it does use cocoa butter it also lists coconut and palm kernel oils which adds to my reason for defining this as a candy bar versus a chocolate bar. Under the paper package is a gold foil over the entire bar. Unwrapping it carefully still results in destruction of the foil so it can't be rewrapped. I discover that the foil is silver not gold inside. Immediately the fragrance of the chocolate reaches my nose; it reminds me of mass produced chocolate that you'd find on most holiday candies.

cocoa k'choo Dark and Dreamy Truffle Bar
The Dark and Dreamy Truffle Bar is supposed to be two levels of chocolate -- the ganache truffle inside and the chocolate covering it. Let's break open one square and see what is inside. As you can see, the inside is a much lighter chocolate center which when I touched it had a bit of give so it is also a bit softer. How this bar broke apart allowed me to try the chocolate covering on its own -- it is slightly bitter yet creamy and a bit sweet; it melted almost immediately on my tongue. I bite off a bit of the exposed truffle center and the outside chocolate makes a sharp snapping show when I do so. The truffle inside is lighter and creamier but with a clear and strong chocolate flavor. I actually love this bar with its combination of basic textures and flavors.

cocoa k'choo totally toasty coconut square
Our Chocolate Coconut Acolyte test the other bars and this is what she discovered: I was given two varieties of Cocoa K'choo Totally Toasty Coconut to review.One was a bar which measures roughly 6 1/2” by 3 1/4”. The other was a bag of individually wrapped pieces. One section of the bar measures 1 1/4” by 1 1/4”.The individually wrapped piece is a few millimeters larger and marginally thicker than the bar piece. The chocolate has a slightly glossy finish to it. The piece that came from the bar broke off with a nice snap. The coconut is mixed throughout the bar but there is no coconut scent, just the chocolate. However the chocolate scent reminds me of my favorite local chocolate shop so I have high hopes. The chocolate is smooth and sweet. Because it is milk chocolate, it’s a little sweeter than I like, especially with coconut but it is good milk chocolate. The coconut has been toasted which gives a nice crunch but doesn’t contribute to the flavor. This problem is prevalent in both varieties. All texture but no taste. I have to give Totally Toasty Coconut a thumbs down due to its lack of coconut flavor. It’s a fine piece of chocolate but if you’re looking for a fine piece of chocolate and coconut, walk on by.

If we compare the two experiences with both bars one thing stands out: The chocolate used by cocoa k'choo is quality and we both enjoyed it. The truffle center was excellent but the coconut not so much which is a sign that just because a brand can make quality chocolate doesn't mean everything they add to the chocolate will result in a product we can recommend. The Dark and Dreamy Truffle bar is certainly Sacrament worthy by itself.

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