The Chocolate Cult: Celebrate World Baking Day 2020

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Celebrate World Baking Day 2020

I'm not really sure why World Baking Day is on May 17th every year. Where I live it is just starting to warm up and my baking is starting to wind down for the year expect for special celebrations. But in honor of the Fun Food Holiday, I want to share this review of Super Simple Baking for Kids by Charity Mathews. It has 55+ recipes that are laid out in clear easy steps that while geared toward children I also found useful for my hubby (who is not a baker) as well as myself (I've been baking for decades). I was sent this book in the hopes that I'd review it on Amazon so this feature article here is a surprise.

Read the introductory chapter even though it is long, especially if you have an inexperienced baker or just want reminders. the images used in this section are are big help. I even found some of the advance helped refresh my memory of how to do some techniques I may not use often. There is also a chart at the back of the book before the general index to give you the difficulty rating for recipes from one to three "muffins" which I also fond useful when I don't want to do a lot of work but still want to bake.

There are five chapters that organize the recipes by general categories. Chocolate is listed in the general index but not cocoa powder. Only nine (9) recipes are found here but I carefully looked at the recipes to try and find others and I found ten (10) in total. 10 out of 57 recipes is a low volume for The Chocolate Cult.

The initial recipe chapter, "Cookies, Bars, and Bite-Size Treats," has three (3) recipes using chocolate or cocoa powder.

"Muffins and Quick Breads" has two (2) cocoa powder or chocolate using recipes.

The "Cakes, Cupcakes, and Frosting" chapter has three (3) recipes that use cocoa powder or chocolate.

"Pies and Tarts" may not have any chocolate or cocoa powder ingredients in the recipes but it actually had two (2) recipes including a chocolate pecan pie one!

Finally, I expected no cocoa powder or chocolate using recipes in "Savory and Salty Breads and Snacks," and, indeed, there were zero.

You all tell me now in comments. Have you tried this book out? Would it help you or your kids learn to or become better bakers?

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