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Saturday, August 1, 2020

College Cookbook for Weird Housing Situations

I live in a university town so starting later this month, things are about to get more crowded around here. As college students move into dorm rooms, apartments, and even shared houses, some of them will be looking to make their food dollars go further by cooking. In expectation of that, today I'm going to review The Easy College Cookbook by Candace Braun Davison. Inside are 75 recipes that are relatively easy and fast to make with a few appliances and kitchen items.  But for us here on The Chocolate Cult, we want to know how many of these recipes are chocolatey. Let's find out. I was sent a free copy of this cookbook from the publisher in the hopes that I would review it; no other form of compensation was received.

The recipes are divided somewhat evenly over eight chapters as listed below:

Breakfast in a Flash: 9 recipes
Sweet and Savory Snacks: 9 recipes
Quick Sandwiches and Wraps: 9 recipes
Simple Salads: 9 recipes
Super Soups: 9 recipes
Rice, Noodles, and Pasta: 10 recipes
Hearty Mains: 12 recipes
Desserts: 8 recipes

Of these chapters, it is not surprising that the Desserts have the bulk of chocolate recipes but Breakfast in a Flash and Sweet and Savory Snacks also have some chocolatey love in them. All of the chocolate related recipes are doable if you have the equipment listed in the book but that gets to the core of this review.

The idea that you could have all of these in a dorm room is just laughable. Some of these items (blender, toaster oven, hot plate) may be against your dorm rules so double check before just following this book and buying them. If you are renting a room and do not have access to a full kitchen, more of the small appliances may be allowed or included in the rent. If you have a kitchenette these recipes will certainly be easy to follow. 

If you have access to a full kitchen in a house or apartment, would these recipes still be helpful? Sure, especially if you not gifted with using ovens or have access to a stand alone mixer for example because the directions are simple.

Worth it for your new or returning college student? Take a look at their kitchen situation before you buy this book.

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