The Chocolate Cult: Brownie Test Alternative Sweetener #5

Saturday, January 9, 2021

Brownie Test Alternative Sweetener #5

 In our 5th and at this point final alternative sweetener testing using a basic brownie recipe from an old Hershey's cookbook of mine, we turn to a company that I've been pleased by in the past: King Arthur Baking Company. The Baking Sugar Alternative boasts 0 net-carbs and 0 calories per serving on the front of the bag and in the nutrition facts on the back. I received four 12 oz bags of this product for free to test and review on Amazon via the Amazon Vine program; this article is a bonus and no other form of compensation was received in exchange for me sharing my honest experiences with the product.

King Arthur Baking Sugar Alternative

This product has a fluffy texture to it; a cloud like residue was left behind on the measuring cups and in the air as I added it to the melted butter. I am very grateful that the bag includes specific information on how to use it. You sub it for cane sugar 1:1 but that is by measuring volume not by weight. You only bake it at 350°F max and only for 0.75 percent of the normal bake time; this is my biggest concern because these brownies include four eggs and I want them cooked plus I want the brownies to have time to rise and thoroughly bake. These instructions are something that every alternative sweetener or flour or other ingredients needs to include.

Let's remember what the basic Hershey's brownie looked like.

Basic Hershey's Brownie

Remember my biggest concern was the baking time of only 0.75 of the recipe. Let's look at how this 5th type of alternative sweetener and that reduced baking time affected the brownies. In some parts of the surface there were a couple of pale bubbles but not as much as other alternative sweeteners that I've tried in this series of testing and posting. It turned out a touch shorter than the basic one, too.

King Arthur Alt Baking Sugar Brownie

Beyond the look, taste, scent, and texture are of utmost importance for brownies. They had a good cocoa fragrance. This is more on the thick cakeside instead of fudgy brownie. The cocoa and the sweetness came out balanced; as the bag promised now aftertaste. 

Of the five sugar alternatives that I've tested in 2020 and now 2021 with the same brownie recipe, King Arthur is the winner. When I look at the ingredients, I can see why that might be the case. Unlike with the others, where 1-3 ingredients are listed, this is a lot of different sugar substitutes that are blended together. This may allow for the best of all of their qualities without the horrible aftertastes or easy burning that many have. Good job, King Arthur!

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