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Saturday, February 13, 2021

Karma and Cocoa

Lid karma cocoa dusted wrapped cashews
We've covered chocolate covered nuts many times here on The Chocolate Cult. Usually almonds, so much so that I get quite tired of it. Every now and again we get a different type of tree nut with chocolate in some form like today's karma Cocoa Dusted Wrapped Cashews from the karma nuts line of products. I happen to really like cashews a lot though I cannot say that I've had wrapped ones before. I'll get into what that means in a bit. I was sent this 8 ounce jar from karma via the Amazon Vine program so this feature today is an unexpected bonus for them; no other form of compensation was received for my writing about my experiences with this product.

As soon as I removed the inner lid, I could smell the cocoa powder. As you can see in our photo, this is not a light dusting but some intense cocoa powder on the nuts. First question I had and which you may have is what is wrapped cashew? Cashews themselves have a problem in that their natural skins contain urushiol that is toxic unless it is cooked properly. This product is promoted as being air roasted so I worried: Am I risking my health by trying these? Everything I could find on the subject says that they can be safe, so I tried them for all of you reading this. Obviously, the first flavor is the cocoa so if you don't like the intensity of cocoa powder, you won't like these. However, the cocoa flavor is quickly balanced by the cashew's own flavor which become more sweet with each chew but never completely hides the cocoa taste. This was really good and the cocoa powder encouraged me to eat them one at a time so my hands didn't get covered in it. I could see having a couple of these throughout the day and feeling quite sated versus eating the 28 grams at once which make up a serving. 

I think this would be a great product for cashew lovers and cocoa powder lovers to try out. Given the color of the jar's labeling, it could also be an unconventional treat for Valentine's or other sweet holidays. If you have tried it or think you might want to try it, let me know in a comment, please.

You can find cocoa dusted wrapped cashews on Amazon or at the brand's website.

karma Cocoa Dusted Wrapped Cashews Jar

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