The Chocolate Cult: The Ticket to a Yummy Easter

Saturday, March 27, 2021

The Ticket to a Yummy Easter

Ticket Easter Chocolates
Last week I looked at Easter truffles from Le Grand Confectionary so this week I'm going to look at two Easter products from Ticket Chocolate, the primary company that operates these two brands as well as two other candy brands. Today we have a dark chocolate bunny and a hot chocolate on a stick to look at. The molded bunny is a lot like other chocolate bunnies but in a plastic wrapper not a box. The hot chocolate on a stick is a different from the two previous products we've looked at from Ticket Chocolate before. Both Easter items were sent free to me to test and then write about here on The Chocolate Cult. No other form of compensation was received in exchange for sharing my experiences with these products.

Ticket Dark Bunny
I'll start with the solid dark chocolate bunny. As with a lot of molded solid chocolate bunnies, this has details on one side while the other is flat. You can see the bunny and its basket with a couple of eggs; while the bunny is smiling, it seems a bit serious to me, too, protecting that basket. In the wrapper the bunny sits on top of some paper scraps to resemble grass, very common in a lot of Easter treats. The bunny is 1.9 ounces of 55% dark chocolate which is real chocolate made of sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, soy lecithin, and vanilla. The tie is a ribbon which is a nice touch compared to a lot of similar products that use twisty ties. As soon as I take the wrapper off I get this wonderful, lightly dark chocolate fragrance that makes me eager to try it out. I snap the head from the body and the chocolate makes a loud snap when I do so. Why do I snap it? A lot of molded chocolate bunnies a ticker than I ideally want to bite through and sawing at them with a knife is tedious. The body of the body is thicker, it thinnest at the basket level so I take a bite from there and the chocolate makes a snap. The dark chocolate is sweet, as I expect with a 55%, but it is enough to give me a little bit of cocoa buzz. I think this would be a good choice for an adult but also a teen or a child ready to try a dark chocolate; it shouldn't be too bitter for them at all. Be careful because it did melt on my fingertips a bit, a sign of the chocolate's purity.

I got help with the Hot Chocolate on a Stick in the Belgian Milk chocolate variety, so I'll put my assistant's words in italics so you can understand the differences. I made a mug of 8 ounces of hot skim milk and my assistant stirred in the chocolate. I thought it had melted very well, but after I finished drinking it, there were lumps of chocolate on the bottom of the mug, which must have fallen off while it was melting. I stirred it, a lot, but apparently I managed to miss those. (The candy eggs on the top melted away.) It's got a sweet flavor, not super chocolaty, although it smells like chocolate. The feel of it is rich, but not heavy. (I think the sweetness was in part from the candy eggs on the top. It was a bit too sweet for me personally. Again if it had been dark chocolate, I think it would have been much better.)

Of the two Easter Ticket Chocolate products, the dark bunny is superior to the hot chocolate on a stick. I think the added eggs while attractive just made it too sweet and that overpowered the milk chocolate. However, for the quality of the bunny, that earns Sacrament status from me.

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