The Chocolate Cult: Alternative Flour Brownies Test #2

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Alternative Flour Brownies Test #2

The first alternative flour test wasn't the greatest, leaving us with too googy of a brownie that was a touch too sweet. Today I'm going to share the results of the second flour I tested using that same Hershey's brownie recipe and all of the same ingredients except the flour itself. This time I tried Better Batter Gluten Free Flour's Artisan Baker's Blend Cup-For-Cup Gluten Free Flour which is a blend of sorghum flour, tapioca starch, potato starch, psyllium husk, and potato flour. Other than the substitute cup for cup compared to wheat flour for most recipes instructions, very little is on the 5 pound bag. I hope this works cause that is a lot of flour blend, isn't it.

Nutritionally speaking this has about 10 calorie more per 1/4 serving compared to the whole wheat flour I normally use, but the other nutritional value are about the same. In a batch of brownies that only uses one cup, this won't make much of a difference nutritionally but that could matter in cakes or cookies where you use a lot more flour. It looks very much like regular flour, but with a bit more yellowish color to it. does though it didn't have any scent at all. It mixed exactly the same, too, and the resulting batter looked to be the proper consistency. When it was baked, the pan of brownie looked like the original. But we have to eat it to find out, don't we?

The resulting brownies had a fudgy texture to them inside but were crispy on the sides and the top. The cocoa powder came out intensely but there was also a lot of extra sweetness from some of the flours and added starches. This is not a flour I'd use in future recipes that require more than a cup of added sugar or sweetness but it could be a good variation on breads or muffins that are not normally sweet; just warn your family. As you can see, these brownies rose a good amount and looked quite done inside. The weird part is that side section, that fell off of every one when we removed it from the pan. I'm not sure why it pulled apart that way.

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