The Chocolate Cult: Do Not Eat this Mint Cocoa

Saturday, January 8, 2022

Do Not Eat this Mint Cocoa

We do not only covered edible products here on The Chocolate Cult; we never have. If a product is about chocolate, can be used with chocolate, or is made from any part of the cocoa tree and what it produces, we'll test it and write about it. Cocoa butter is widely used in cosmetics, while I think that's a waste when we could be using it to make great chocolate to eat and drink, I have rarely had problems with lotions or soaps made from it. When I offered this body cream to test out and saw that the first ingredient is cocoa butter, I had to give it a try. Prairie Rose Organics sent me a free canister of it via the Amazon Vine program to test out and write about on that website; this article is an unexpected bonus I received no compensation for so I am going to be 100% honest about my experience.

The body cream looks like whipped cream, doesn't it?

The mint white chocolate fragrance is intense, so think about that before you apply it. I wouldn't put it on my face because I know the intensity of the scent would annoy my eyes. I tried it on the back of my hands, my arms, and my legs. If I used too much, which I did at first because I didn't realize how far it would easily spread, it leaves behind a greasy looking sheen to the skin. About half an hour after using it, the back of my hands started to look red and tingle. My arms and legs also tingled but they didn't look red. If I used far less of the body cream, the tingle and redness didn't happen. Even after washing it off with soap and water, my skin where I'd applied it stayed soft, so it worked well in that way.

I have sensitive skin and a lot of allergies to the natural world. Your reactions might be different. If you can get a sample, give it a try.

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