The Chocolate Cult: The Jif® Recalls Have Affected Chocolate!

Sunday, May 29, 2022

The Jif® Recalls Have Affected Chocolate!

Have you heard of the massive Jif® recall in the USA?

It is shocking how widespread this has become, so before you scroll down to learn more so you can protect yourself and your loved ones, please enjoy this fact graphic about peanuts.

Now that recall has spread to other products that use Jif®. Products which you may love because they have chocolate, too. We're trying to grab a whole together so you are aware, chocolate cult members, but the list is so long, you need to follow the links to get the complete information.

Please note that most of the companies and brands listed below have removed these items from their stores, online and offline, and did not provide images to share.

You must follow the links to find the lists of products because there are so many that there is no way I could share even just the photos.

Also check with your local chocolate makers and sellers. Many of them may use Jif® and be doing recalls that the FDA does not yet know about. For example, Donaldson's Finer Chocolates in Indiana, where our Chocolate Priestess lives.

Please do this to protect yourself and those you love. 

---------- Jif® Recalls Involving Chocolate ----------

Deskins Candies

Prairie City Bakery

Taharka Brothers Ice Cream

Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate: Wilbur

Coblentz Chocolate Company

Albertsons Companies includes the following store names: Safeway, Market Street, Haggen, Star Market, and many others.

Fudgeamentals includes some Walmart branded products

Euphoria Chocolate Company

Giant Eagle

Albanese Confectionery Group

Remember you need to check the links for each recall. If you have any chocolate products with peanut butter in them, do so immediately. Salmonella is serious. Protect yourselves and your loved ones.

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