The Chocolate Cult: Happy National Mochi Day 2022!

Saturday, August 6, 2022

Happy National Mochi Day 2022!

I've talked about frozen mochi before here on The Chocolate Cult, but today in honor of National Mochi Day coming up on the 8th of August, I'm sharing my experiences with another type of mochi, Mochi Daifuku. What is it? Mochi is just a type of rice cake while daifuku is a filled mochi, usually with dessert or sweet tasting fillings. For me, this sounds like the mochi becomes the envelope in which you place the fillings. If anyone reading this can explain better, please do so in a comment. I was sent the brown sugar variety of Apexy Japanese Style Mochi Daifuku Traditional Japanese Rice Cakes via the Amazon Vine program to review; today's article is a bonus for both Amazon and Apexy. No other compensation was received for writing about my experiences with this product, any links you follow will provide me with a tiny amount of referral money as an Amazon Associate.

How can this product qualify to be looked at here on The Chocolate? The 8th ingredient on the list is cocoa powder, making it a food that we will cover here. I was surprised that I could taste the cocoa powder, it was light, but it was the first flavor my mouth got suggesting that it is on the surface of the treat. The rest of the flavor was as strong brown sugar. The texture was soft but not gooey or sticky, we ate them at room temp simply because the package didn't have direction on whether or not you should or could refrigerate them or heat them up. I prefer the frozen mochi we've had in the past, but then they were also chocolate varieties.

Nutritionally speaking these are desserts, composed of almost entirely carbohydrates. These have no fats or cholesterol though and very little sodium. Each one has 90 calories. While the chocolate lover that is me was content with just one of these, others ate these like popcorn because they loved the flavor and texture.

Apexy has four other flavors of their Mochi Daifuku available as well, but I can only speak to this brown sugar variety. This was a fine treat if you like brown sugar and a lot of carbs, I wish the package had more information about storing and serving it for us daifuku newbies.

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