The Chocolate Cult: 10 Tips to Save Money on Halloween Candy NOW

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

10 Tips to Save Money on Halloween Candy NOW

You've seen the news reports by now. We are being warned by the big candy makers that finding your favorites for Halloween will involved reduced supply and probably increased prices.

That's only true if you ignore The Chocolate Cult's advice. Keep reading if you want to save money and still participate in the trick or treating traditions of Halloween 2022. Note: All of these tips apply to organic, coops, and speciality stores, not just the big grocery, department, or warehouse chains.

Tip #1: Don't wait until October: If you see candy you know you want to hand out for Halloween in August or September, consider buying and storing it. Most candy, particularly the mass produced kinds, can be stored in air tight containers for months. 

Tip #2: Don't buy the special Halloween packaging. While it might seem fun to give out glow in the dark or creature themed wrapped candy, consider why those kiddos are going out trick or treating. It isn't for the wrapping it is what is inside. While you might think you are getting sales when you see them in stores, that special wrapping adds cost to the producer's bottom line.

Tip #3: Look for sales and loyalty specials. If you hate clipping coupons many stores now offer digital coupons that are quick to look through and download to your loyalty card. Just search for "candy" instead of "Halloween" you may find sales right now. 

Tip #4: If you want to make sure you are giving out fair trade or organic candies or chocolate, the same advice above applies. If your favorite brands have smaller sizes consider that for your treats; the kiddos get the same quality but you can save some money. If your favorite brands don't have smaller sizes, reach out to them and let them know how much that would mean to you and others. 

Tip #5: Calculate cost comparing the price per piece and not just the product cost or price per ounce/pound. Yup, you may need to do some math but most smartphones have that app so it can be easy.

Tip #6: Assess how much you hand out. Stop thinking that you have to give out handfuls or even two pieces of candy to every trick or treater. Seriously, these kids are going to a lot of stops on Halloween and possible on other dates as well. They will not be short of candy, but you may be short of cash if you don't limit what you hand out.

Tip #7: Only buy what you think you will need. If you don't do this already, try to keep track of how many trick or treaters you actually get. If you find you routinely have left over candy, buy less. If you find you run out and have to rush out to get something, buy more before the events.

Tip #8: Store the candy where no one can find and eat it before Halloween. If you worry that you might eat it, too, put it out of sight and something it would take effort to get to. Remember that one of mottos here on The Chocolate Cult is moderation and making informed choices. You can control yourself.

Tip #9: Make a note in your calendar to remind you that you already bought it and where you have stored it so you don't buy unnecessary treats.

Tip #10:  Consider not getting candy to hand out. We switched to non-edible treats for Halloween years ago after trying to have both candy and non-ediblities for kiddos with food allergies or dietary restrictions. The benefit of non-ediblities is that they will store for years if you do it properly and you can find a lot of them on sale post-Halloween. Since most stops on the trick or treating trek will be giving out candy, your treats will stand out and delight kids by being original.

Hope this advice helps. 

If you have other tips, feel free to leave a comment but remember that we do not allow urls in our comments. If you want us to test your chocolate creations and write them here, contact and learn how to do so; don't spam us or you will be banned.

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