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Saturday, March 18, 2023

Stick these Chocolates on Your Fridge

I love magnets and not just because they are amazing. When we travel, I try to pick up a magnet to show what state or city I've visited. I also have just for fun magnets ranging from alphabet letters to mini art pieces to sexy words. So when I was offered a chance to review some chocolate themed magnets I jumped at the opportunity. Since we can't eat these, we'll judge them on how much they look like chocolate and how well they work as magnets. I was sent the HAUTOCO 12PCS Fridge Magnets through the Amazon Vine program; no other form of compensation was received for sharing my experiences with the product with you all today.

Let's focus on the look first. As you can see below, there are 12 different designs. They range in length from 1.5 to just under two inches long (the cat). I've seen molded chocolate, chocolate truffles, and even sections of chocolate bars that would be this size. They represent all the major chocolate types including white (which, yes, should look a bit yellow because cocoa butter is yellow, folks), milk, dark, and perhaps the rose is the rose chocolate that you may have heard about in the past couple of years. Of course, these are not edible, they are resin with magnets on the back. Given the size and look, I strongly caution anyone who has small children to think twice about getting these or giving them as gifts to someone with small kids.

HAUTOCO 12PCS Fridge Magnets, Chocolate

Magnets need to stick to metal or they really aren't magnets at all. These stuck to each other a bit but that is common with all magnets. I tried them on three surfaces I have and they all stuck well and were capable of holding a single piece of paper to the surface, too. The three surfaces were my refrigerator, the metal filing cabinet in my office, and a whiteboard in our hallway that is specifically for word magnets. Since I do most of my articles for this blog in my office, I'm going to keep these on that filing cabinet as a decoration.

I think these would be a great gift for the magnet or chocolate lover in your life. Remember if you follow our links, we do get a tiny bit of money which we can use to attend chocolate events and share them with you in the future.

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