Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day & Chocolate

Your Chocolate Priestess's father asked for chocolate this Father's Day.

I didn't send him any.

Now before you get upset and think that I'm disrespecting my father, know that I used The Chocolate Cult's ideals of Moderation and Purposefulness to make this decision. My father has always struggled with his weight though frankly he has never had any of those terrible health issues beyond merely weighing above his ideal until a few years ago.

My mother also, who lives with him, has a poor heart and she is forbidden to eat chocolate. The last time I sent him chocolate, she ate some. To me this demonstrated that together they are not yet able to watch her health as they should. Since I know he loves her dearly and it hurt him to know she ate that chocolate and may have hurt her health, I decided to not send him chocolate. If we lived closer to him, I'd certainly bring him some chocolate so I could oversee that she did not eat any.

Now, for most of you, Sisters and Brothers, I pray this won't be an issue. If your father wants chocolate, get him some but keep a few things in mind.

First, what type of chocolate does he like? Dark, bittersweet, milk, white? Don't get him something you love which he merely tolerates -- this is supposed to be about him today. If he likes plain chocolate don't get it nuts or caramels or added flavors. If he has a favorite, get him his favorite. Don't be thoughtless and just go buy a variety box.

Second, are there any health concerns you should be aware of? Perhaps his weight is a bit high so get him one or two pieces of really good chocolate. If he's allergic to any thing make sure you check all the ingredients before you buy and if the chocolatier won't give you a list, don't buy their product.

Third, what are his other interests? Try to match the chocolate with something he likes. If he's into sports, try a football shaped chocolate or golf ball style truffle. If he likes cars, see if you can find a box shaped like a car. Don't assume that your father is like the stereotypical guy either. Really find out what he likes; it might be flowers or teddy bears.

Fourth, who will or may eat it with him? If, like my family, there is someone who should not have chocolate, be there to share his chocolate with him, making sure that you and he eat it but those who shouldn't do not. Plus eating with him is spending time with him, the greatest gift you can give him. Take that opportunity to introduce him to our ideals of Moderation and Purposefulness, too, and perhaps a link back to this site.

Not all fathers like chocolate. I know, Sisters and Brothers, you are shocked by that statement but it's true. If your father doesn't like chocolate, don't get it for him. If he only mildly likes it, consult with other family members so you don't all get him chocolate and really consider only getting a small amount so you don't overwhelm him. Fathers are great, they will smile and use what you give them even if they dislike it or hate it. Be kind enough to think and give a gift that is truly a gift in honor of Father's Day.

Sisters and Brothers, may you too take the time to slowly appreciate what the Divine and human ingenuity have offered you in chocolate.

If you are reading in the eastern half of the Midwest, don't forget The Chocolate Cult's first CONTEST.

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