Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"National Dump the Pump Day"

You Chocolate Priestess knows that you are wondering how tomorrow's "holiday" urging us to take forms of public transit relates to chocolate.

Sisters and Brothers, anything that relates to the planet and it's environment relates to chocolate.

To put it in simple terms.

Damaged Environment = Less Land for Cacao or the Cocoa Plant

Less Cacao = Less Chocolate

Less Chocolate = Higher Prices for the Products We Love and Use

Over a month ago, I was at a neighborhood event and I heard something amazing. Some people didn't know that cacao is a plant. Where they thought cocoa and thus chocolate comes from I'm not sure. Cacao grows best in certain regions so you can't just plant it in your back you. Here's a map you should look at to get an idea of where your chocolate comes from.

If you haven't seen the cacao plant before, here is an image from a 19th century book by Francisco Manuel Blanco that I found here. I choose this image because it is now in the public domain and I never want to infringe on other writers' and artists' work.

The entire point of my post today, Sisters and Brothers, is to get you to think today, and every day, about what you do that will impact your use of chocolate products. So the next time you want to just hop in a car to go to the store STOP. Could you walk or take mass transit? Could you postpone that trip or combine it with other errands? Could you make a list of everything else you might need over the course of a full week and only go shopping once? These are things I try to do myself so I'm not asking you to walk this Path alone but with me. Make June 18, 2009, the first day you change your transportation habits to save the Chocolate.

Sisters and Brothers, may you too take the time to slowly appreciate what the Divine and human ingenuity have offered you in chocolate.

If you are reading in the eastern half of the Midwest, don't forget The Chocolate Cult's first CONTEST. If I don't get any applicants soon, I'm seriously considering ending this contest. I can use the chocolate coconut bars I have in other promotions.

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