Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday Sacrament, June 6, 2009

Seattle Chocolates sent your Chocolate Priestess two types of products to try, as you can see in this photo from several weeks back. They sent nine of their 2.5-oz. bars, which I will review later, and what I thought were 1-oz. bars called “Chick Chocolates.” Turns out these aren’t bars at all, but little packs of three individually wrapped candies, which I have chosen to reveal this time. Each package of “Chick Chocolates” is designed to show a “chick” when you place two of them side by side, and each “chick” has a personality that is reflected in the type of chocolate and treats her candy is made of.

The profits from “Survivor Chick” candies go toward breast cancer research, so that might be something to consider, Sisters and Brothers, if you are looking for chocolate treats for yourself or as gifts. They come wrapped in very light pink Mylar, which is very easy to open. The candies inside are a dark chocolate shell over white chocolate with raspberries, and the raspberry scent comes through when you open it up and take a sniff. All of the pieces are 1.25 × 0.75 × 0.6 inches in size, so they are easily biteable, but I’m going to try each in two bites to give you the full sensory picture. The first bite makes a soft snap to reveal a pink, thick center that tastes strongly of raspberry. Letting the second bite melt mixes the flavors together, along with the gritty texture, which is a good sign that this isn’t just added raspberry juice but real crushed raspberries mixed with the white chocolate. This “Chick” does it all — the bitterness of the dark chocolate, which provides a decent rush by the second bite, the sweetness of the white chocolate mixed with the tartness of the fruit, good scent, interesting texture, and even a little sound when you first bite or as you chew.

Nutty Chick” candies are milk chocolate with almonds and toffee. They come in orange Mylar that untwists easily. There is a less sweet scent that might be the toffee when I breathe it in after opening it. It makes a loud snap when I bite but has only a hint of toffee or almond flavor; I see no pieces of either in the firm internal chocolate. Letting it melt releases more of the almond/toffee flavor, but the primary essence is the chocolate, which creates a mild rush.

Strong Chick” candies are milk chocolate and are wrapped in a light olive-green Mylar. The scent of the chocolate is strong even when first unwrapped. It makes a very solid snap when I bite into it, and the inside isn’t much softer. Just holding it in my mouth takes a lot of willpower, because this is very good-tasting milk chocolate that will give a slight buzz if you wait a few minutes to let it slowly melt.

Extreme Chick” candies are dark chocolate with cocoa nibs. They come in a fuchsia pink Mylar wrapper and have a very strong dark chocolate fragrance when opened. Nibs, as I have mentioned before, come from a part of the cocoa bean that is often ignored, and they can provide a kick to your senses, so lets see if that is the case here. Oh yes, immediate mini rush as it melts and I chew. The initial bite is hard, and it creates a loud snap, while each successive bite crunches with the nibs inside — yes, they are near the top, right under the shell and above a firm dark center. Melting the chocolate off leaves the nibs, which are very bitter, so unless you like that bitterness, just chew it. I happen to like that intensity myself.

All-natural ingredients are part of each “Chick Chocolate,” which means there is no waxy texture or taste, a common problem with many mainstream candies you can buy today. These are more expensive than what you can grab in the checkout aisle in the grocery store, but even one piece can satisfy your craving for some time if you eat it purposely and slowly so as to get the full range of sensation. Ultimately, given that candy bars in my local area run 85¢, this could be a better buy for the quality and effects on your mind, soul, and body.

Sisters and Brothers, may you too take the time to slowly appreciate what the Divine and human ingenuity have offered you in chocolate.

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