Friday, July 17, 2009

30th Anniversary Cheesecake

Last Friday, your Chocolate Priestess reviewed one of the two pieces of cheesecake she brought home from The Cheesecake Factory in Indianapolis at the Keystone Crossing Mall. Today I'll look at the other piece in case you, Sisters and Brothers, are thinking of going out to eat at some point this weekend.

As you can see in the picture to the left they have a big selection of cheesecakes to choose from. I got the “30th Anniversary” type Which seems to be about 20% larger than the “Chocolate Mousse” piece I talked about last week. There were two "downsides" to this hugeness. First, the take away container was larger but it was recyclable in my city so I certainly did that. Secondly, I had to split it with the Milk Chocolate Acolyte who protested weakly at being force fed more cheesecake.

The cake, picture to the right, came with another dollop of whipped cream, same non-taste a before and a huge dollop of very cocoa tasting frosting on the top of it. The cake itself has seven layers. It begins with a moist brownie-like layer, a chocolate cream layer, a traditional cheesecake layer and another chocolate cream layer. Then it repeats ending on the traditional cheesecake layer with a cross hatch pattern of chocolate drizzle. The edge is a chocolate ganache with large flecks of chocolate. This is so big that you can’t get all seven layers in one bite.

The layers that I can eat in one bite, about 3-4 of them, blend very well together. The chocolates are very rich and slightly bitter while the cheesecake is smooth and sweet. Alone each layer is a bit too intense — the chocolate too bitter, especially the flecks on the side crust, the cheesecake too creamy but together they are compliment and assistant each other. The cocoa though does outweigh the other flavors so I definitely feel this qualifies as a chocolate dessert. The whipped cream was unnecessary in my opinion since it really didn’t add any tastes. The dollop of frosting on top is also unnecessary and in fact a bit overwhelming. I just didn’t eat either dollop beyond two bites to test them and see how they mixed with the cake itself.

This was a truly decadent dessert and I’m going to recommend that you share it with a friend so that you can practice moderation and save some money. After their huge meals you might not even have room for a full piece yourself.

Sisters and Brothers, may you too take the time to slowly appreciate what the Divine and human ingenuity have offered you in chocolate.

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