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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

80% Dark Chocolate Benefits

As you know, Sisters and Brothers, your Chocolate Priestess keeps her eyes and ears open to health claims about the Sacred Substance and she does not let her desire rule her reason in these matters. There was another article today on the health benefits of darker chocolate that you might find interesting and which I'll delve into a bit for you.

First, what I'm noticing in all these reports are that we are talking about dark chocolate, not your Hershey's 65% but 80% and above in terms of health benefits. While I will never speak poorly about anyone in The Chocolate Cult who prefers to worship with milk or white chocolate, the simple fact is that these have no proven health benefits. Use them for pleasure and to help you along your Path toward greater connection with the Divine but know it is not the healthiest choice for your body.

Secondly, as we here say in The Chocolate Cult, the emphasis is on moderation. Now in most studies I've seen this means 3oz of this darker chocolate a day. Many candy bars are 2-3oz but most are not dark enough. Something that is good about the linked article above is that he lists a few products that qualify but I want to do a bit more for you, Sisters and Brothers, and look them up so you can find them or order them.

The Lindt "Excellence" series has three bars on their website -- 85%, 90% and 99%.

Ecco Bella is a "health" company that uses "natural" products but their website does not list chocolates on it. A further search for the product listed in the Huffington Post article found this but I can't confirm it's 80% of better dark chocolate so I'll just search for darker chocolates and see what I can find for you all.

Please if you know of an 80% or better dark chocolate folks can buy, please add a comment to that effect. If you are chocolatier who makes such things, please consider sending a product for review here.

VitalChoice has some 80% products -- Organic Extra Dark, Equal Exchange Organic bars, Grand Cru Dark Chocolate bars
Lake Champlain has one variety.
Blanxart has a bar of the same level of darkness.

But these are difficult to find. You can't just walk into your local grocery and pick them up. Either you go into a specialty store or order them online. One way to make these products more available is to ask your local stores to carry them. Another way is to write to the big commercial manufacturers and ask them to start making 80% dark products in 3oz sizes. Writing a handwritten or typed letter is always best for these sorts of appeals though emails are OK and phone calls are great, too.

Please let me know of other products that might make this list.

Sisters and Brothers, may you too take the time to slowly appreciate what the Divine and human ingenuity have offered you in chocolate.

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