Thursday, July 2, 2009

Kroger Double Fudge Muffins

Your Chocolate Priestess's nearby Kroger Supermarket has a good sized bakery in it. I've spoken with the folks that work there and as long as it looks, they don't make most of the products they sell there. Most of them come from either a centralized Kroger hub or from other bakeries. However, since many of you Sisters and Brothers who read The Chocolate Cult may use such supermarket bakeries, I want to review their chocolate selection from time to time.

To the left you see my photo of two of the Kroger "Double Fudge Muffins" that are 99¢ a piece; if you buy a 4-pack they are 93¢ a piece. You can either place them one at a time in tiny paper bags that hold about 2-3 muffins depending on how much you want to mush them or in recyclable plastic containers holding 2 or 4 muffins. The top of the muffins measure 3.5 inches across while the base is 3.25 inches in diameter. As you can see in the picture I hope, they are dark chocolate, with some chocolate chips (thus the "double" title) with some sugar glazing on the top.

Each has a light cocoa smell but dark cocoa taste accompanied by bursts of semi-sweet chocolate chips throughout the muffin. The glazing makes a very soft crunch and that is the only sound eating them really makes. I tend to eat my muffins by splitting them in half, removing the muffin top and eating it second. By the time I was through with the bottom half I had a definite buzz so I reason it is more from the cocoa content than any sugar glazing which is only on the top half.

The muffin itself maintained just the right blend of moisture and cake like texture if I seal it and store it for up to three days and indeed the ingredients label reveals it has additives and preservatives. Oddly there wasn't a nutritional label on the 2-count container I bought nor on any of the 4-count packages I saw fro any of the dozen flavors and types of muffins they sell. Only one other, Chocolate Chip, has chocolate so I may look at that in the future. Because I can't see the nutritional information I can only use these a a special treat on the one day I week I allow myself such things -- Moderation, remember, is one of our Principles as we take this Path.

My family is never disappointed with these muffins, any of the varieties, and so if you are in a Kroger's and have an extra dollar, try one out and see what you think.

Sisters and Brothers, may you too take the time to slowly appreciate what the Divine and human ingenuity have offered you in chocolate.

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