Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Moment of Silence

Sisters and Brothers, I'm sure you heard what your Chocolate Priestess heard last night. A man working in a chocolate factory died after falling into a vat of chocolate. This is the most trustworthy report about this accident I could find as of this morning and this BBC report has a small video clip. I don't want to go into details because this is all over the news. Instead let's take a few moments of silence to consider this event and send positive thoughts for Mr. Smith's family, friends, and co-workers.

I have written a few times about sustainable agriculture and the fair treatment of workers in cacao production. This tragic accident shows that even under good conditions making chocolate is a manufacturing process and as such carries risks. Whether these risks are in big companies that produce tons of chocolate a day or a homemade shop that creates a few batches of treats, you can get injured during the process. To honor those who do the work to make us our Sacraments and our daily servings of cocoa infused foods and drinks, today just send out a thank you before you take a bite. If it's someone you can speak to directly, thank them personally for giving you the opportunity to use the Sacred Substance today.

Sisters and Brothers, may you too take the time to slowly appreciate what the Divine and human ingenuity have offered you in chocolate.

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