Thursday, July 23, 2009

News About Hershey

Hershey is the second biggest chocolatier in the USA and one of the leading chocolate manufacturers in the world. Many of you, Sisters and Brothers, probably use their products at least once a year. Thus your Chocolate Priestess wanted to share some bits of news about the company.

First, they are closing their online store. Currently they are offering 25% off until July 31, 2009 there last day. Through the online store you can get a lot of neat items such as a chocolate card shaped like a computer which I considered getting for the Milk Chocolate Acolyte. However be forewarned that since it is the summer the costs for shipping is high. About $16 for just that one product when I looked into buying. Needless to say, that greatly out weighed any price cut.

Second, even though Hershey is reporting higher profits they are cutting product lines and closing their online store. This makes little sense to me. Perhaps one of you can explain it to me. True cutting products that aren't making you a lot of money is logical but I've read repeatedly that premium chocolates are selling well. If that isn't true for Hershey does that say something about the quality of their products versus other premium chocolates? The premium chocolates in question are the Starbucks line and the Cacao Reserves line.

How did they increase profits? In part by raising prices 10% in August 2008. Another factor has been the price of cacao which we have seen in The Chocolate can rise and fall but over all has fallen since the start of 2009. Finally they have increased their advertising campaigns including pushing their products much harder overseas. Hershey makes decent low priced chocolate and in hard times it can be a product that people turn to though they still lag behind Mars. Tomorrow I'll share some news about Mars, the #1 chocolate maker in the USA.

Sisters and Brothers, may you too take the time to slowly appreciate what the Divine and human ingenuity have offered you in chocolate.

If you are reading in the eastern half of the Midwest, don't forget The Chocolate Cult's first CONTEST. Only 11 more days to toss your cap into the ring for this position.

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