Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday Sacrament, July 18, 2009

When your Chocolate Priestess receives offerings to reveal on The Chocolate Cult, she always considers the holistic nature of the offering. I received three products from Intentional Chocolate, and their production is positive on many levels. First, they were packaged without excess materials, and all the padding used was recycled. Second, their products do not have preservatives or lab created additives. For my American readers, the chocolate is from Hawaii, so it's American cocoa being used. Finally, they have a business philosophy that might appeal to many of you, Sisters and Brothers.

Let's start with this final point first before I move on to the Caramels they sent me, the box pictured to the left. Intentional Chocolate marries scientific research with Buddhist philosophy, claiming to instill good intentions into each piece, or, to quote them directly: “Whoever consumes this chocolate will manifest optimal health and functioning at physical, emotional and mental levels, and in particular will enjoy an increased sense of energy, vigor and well-being for the benefit of all beings.”

The caramels come in boxes of 6 pieces measuring 1.375 × 1 ×0.375 inches. 3 pieces are one serving, and this is not a low fat food — 6 g of saturated fat and 147 calories. For Saturday Sacraments and in moderation, though, these things should not matter to much for us, Sisters and Brothers. Each piece has the Intentional Chocolate symbol of a mediating person on the top, as you can see in the close-up to the right below. This symbol is on all of their products, though shapes of each chocolate vary by type. The slick paper sleeve slips off easily to reveal a simple tan box which has only one layer of padding on top and six individual brown paper cups to hold each caramel. The scent of dark chocolate wafts up to hit my nose and intrigue me the moment I remove the padding. Frankly I think the symbol is very cute, and the shape, as you can see, is not a simple rectangle.

The scent only intensifies as I bring one piece to my nose. The darkness of the chocolate is apparent, though I can't find information about what percentage of darkness we are talking about. The chocolate feels smooth and not waxy in my fingertips as I lift it to my mouth to take a first bite. The top and sides break easily, but the bottom is thicker and makes a gentle crunch between my teeth. The caramel inside is dark gold and very soft, semi-liquid in nature, and it tastes not so much sweet as it does tangy, reminding me a bit of molasses. The bitterness of the chocolate with this caramel is a unique flavor that I haven't had yet in a potential Sacrament. It takes very good, the tang helping the bitterness linger longer but preventing it from becoming unpleasant.

The second bite I let melt in my mouth, the caramel mushing out as the chocolate structure collapses. Doing this makes the tang of the caramel the dominant flavor, though the bitterness of the chocolate is still present. Both bites have created a mild buzz that rises from my mouth and through my sinuses into my mind, making my eyes feel like they are opening wider. I can take that rush and channel it into my thoughts by closing my eyes and breathing deeply and slowly, adding a extra element to meditation, Sisters and Brothers.

Do I feel the intentional thoughts the company tries to instill as I eat it? I can't honestly say that I do, but as with all drugs — remember, chocolate is a drug — you can utilize it to help you focus your mind or to escape your worries. Ultimately it is your intention that determines how the product works for you. I do like the idea that the company cares, and if that matters to you, if you appreciate their mission, and if their higher price isn't an issue for your wallet, this is a worthy Sacrament to support from Intentional Chocolate.

Sisters and Brothers, may you too take the time to slowly appreciate what the Divine and human ingenuity have offered you in chocolate.

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Drew said...

I'll say chocolate is like a drug. People use it to escape the real world. But in the end, after addiction treatment, it can all seem so trite. To eat chocolate that is. I mean I'm not a chocolate hater or anything.

TheChocolatePriestess said...

I'm not really sure what your comment had to do with the Sacrament or my blog really but thanks for reading.

Chocolate isn't like a drug -- cocoa IS a drug.

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