The Chocolate Cult: Special Holiday Discount for Readers

Monday, December 10, 2018

Special Holiday Discount for Readers

Recently I got a surprise from one of the brands we've featured several times on this blog. Enjoy life foods sent me some goodies as you can see below. One is a very hardy spatula, a big ball mason jar, and a piece of cloth I have yet to figure out... it isn't big enough for a table cloth nor the right material for either a picnic or bed blanket. Note: We don't review the same chocolate products on this blog so I used these gifts' value as the equivalent as paying us to announce this discount to you all as a "sponsored announcement."

The box also included 3 bags of their baking chips -- dark morsels, semi-sweet mini chips, and semi-sweet mega chunks. We've reviewed all of these in the past so click on the links for each type and you can read what we wrote which are both reviews and recipes.

Finally, the reason you came, to find the discount coupon right?

Use the code BAKEFREELY15 on their website with any order from now until January 31, 2019, and you can save 15% off your order.

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