Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day 2019 from The Chocolate Cult

Happy Valentine's Day from The Chocolate Cult!

Whether you are celebrating with a lover, a friend, your family members, or yourself, here is a look back at some of the lovely Valentine's gifts we've looked at in the past. Note: this is only SOME of them, not all 45 items we've looked at over our 10 years of Valentine's Days. Follow the links to find full information. And remember, tomorrow you might be able to find decent chocolates cheaper!

We had just started The Chocolate Cult in 2009 and after Valentine's Day but we did look at some items we got on post-holiday sell including these cookies.

In 2010 we covered a unique Valentine's chocolate gift here on this blog.

By 2011 we had features of three huge chocolate companies that are still around today but here's just one you might still be able to find if you are still looking for a chocolatey gift.

Stereotypes say that the French know about romance but they also knew about Valentine's Day chocolate boxes in 2012.

Semi-homemade treats in chocolate heart-shaped cups were a delicious idea back in 2013.

In 2014 we looked at organic chocolate heart minis that might please the socially conscious person in your life.

For German chocolate lovers we covered these wonderful truffles in 2015.

For starting bakers in your life, we covered a kit in 2016 that you could give them but it didn't include the chocolatey ingredients.

In 2017, I created an edible heart out of a yummy product we were sent to test. You can find that recipe here.

In 2018 we looked at this edible heart from an Iowa shop I discovered on a trip back home one year.

Our most recent Valentine find was a brownie kit.

I hope these flashbacks help you enjoy your Valentine's Day a bit more.

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